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Montana Values and East Coast Lawyers

So, it comes to this. Opponents of the CSKT water compact have hired a phalanx of Ivy League lawyers from New York City to explain to the naïve electorate of the Treasure State how we have been duped by an international conspiracy orchestrated by the U.N. with the sole purpose of stealing the waters of the Jocko River for some, as yet unrevealed, but surely evil, socialistic purpose.

It is indeed unfortunate that the citizens of Montana are too ignorant to govern themselves and require the enlightened guidance of a throng of noble East Coast attorneys. Even in creating this “hastily enacted” compact we took more than five years and two sessions of the Montana Legislature to complete the task. In our mindless attempt at passing our own laws, we ignored the obvious fact that “the agreement is an instance of Obama attempting to implement socialist policies” in rural Montana. Fortunately, this highly-paid cadre of elite barristers from the Empire State is prepared to guide us from our quagmire of stupidity and clarify the corrupt connections between Montana lawmakers and the international Socialistic cabal led by the Kenyan usurper in the White House.

We can all rest assured that when these paragons of the legal profession bundle up all the cash they can comfortably carry and return to their citadel of knowledge in New York, Montana will surely be a better place.


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