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Magical Creation: Where’s the evidence?

creationismI find it amusing that creationists take delight in criticizing various minutiae within the overwhelming and continuously verified facts of biological evolution, and yet refuse to put forth any scientific or historical proofs for their own theory. Creationist theory is entirely based on magical happenings taken from a single source that has been often debunked. If independent, demonstrable evidence for biblical creation exists why are there zero scientific sources for this miracle?

If, the world is in fact only 6,000 years old and we are all related to a single happy Caucasian couple living in an enchanted garden with talking snakes and diabolical fruit, why is that not borne out by DNA evidence or confirmation from science and history? If there was a gigantic flood that covered the entire planet, why is that event never mentioned in any peer-reviewed historical or hydrological accounts? If there were 1,400 “kinds” of animals on the fairytale ark, what the heck are “kinds” and why are they never referenced by scientific studies?

For that matter, if the wizardry of your religious claims are true, why is the magic of your religion more true than the conflicting magic of the hundreds of other religions? Where is the proof that magic even exists? If any of this were true, it seems you all could agree on a single narrative.It seems that if you are making extraordinary claims about our origins, then you should be responsible to produce verifiable, objective evidence and a fully fleshed out methodical theory that supports your claims and conforms to the current state of our scientific knowledge.

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