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Otter Creek Protest

Via the Billings Oupost: On Tuesday, March 16 from 1:15-1:45 the Sierra Club will be sponsoring a gathering at the Yellowstone County Courthouse park in Billings to demonstrate opposition to the mining of Otter Creek coal. On March 18, the Montana State Land Board will meet to discuss, once again, bids for the coal tracts. […]

Otter Creek and Utter Rhetoric

Just a quick reminder. The State Land Board meets tomorrow at 9am in Helena to decide the fate of the state portion of the Otter Creek coal tracts. If you don’t have anything in particular to do, the meeting will be broadcast live on the internet. The fate of Otter Creek is late on the […]

Otter Creek; Buried Treasure or Sleeping Dog?

It was Sir Robert Walpole, Prime Minister to King George I of Britain who said “Let sleeping dogs lie” in reference to the American colonies. Better to walk softly than risk getting bit. He also said that, “Every man has his price“. It seems that fourteen Montana republicans have found their price in the Otter […]

Running away from Otter Creek

There have been several articles about Otter Creek and coal in recent days that bear mention. Nobel laureate and UM climate specialist Steve Running and retired UM economist Tom Power addressed members of the State Land Board on Tuesday on the foolhardiness of selling Otter Creek coal. Running “didn’t mince words” according to the Missoulian. […]

Otter Creek Now!

Remember, you only have until July 31 to comment on the appraisal document for the Otter Creek coal tracts. If you haven’t done so, please take some time to let the State Land Board know that destroying the Tongue River Valley for a short-term monetary gain is a really dumb idea. We’ve been over all […]

Otter Control Costs

I don’t want to talk more about Otter Creek. I’m burned out, but they won’t leave me alone. I’m not sure why the members of the State Land Board who voted to destroy the Tongue River Valley and sicken and kill their neighbors want to keep justifying their decision to me, but they do. I […]

“On Golden Creek”

Yessir, them new coal mines sure are an economic boon for Montana. Coal waste to be moved from Belt Creek Over at Belt, “the creek looks rusty, almost orange. Along other stretches, the pollution is white, leaching from the bank into the stream like advancing oil sheen. Decades of acid drainage from an old coal […]

Otter Disaster

To those of you who wrote to the State Land Board to let them know how you feel about leasing the Otter Creek coal tracts: Thank you and take heart, I think they may be beginning to hear tiny voices in their ears. The board decided yesterday to delay a decision on leasing the state-owned […]

Maybe We Shouldn’t Otter

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and the State Land Board wants to hear your comments on the development of the Otter Creek coal tracts southeast of Ashland. You have until May 22 to submit comments to Monte Mason, the Minerals Management Bureau Chief. The Land Board will likely consider the comments at their June […]

Like a fiend with his dope and a drunkard his wine

Okay, I’m still talking coal, but there were a couple of recent articles that I think you need to be aware of . First of all,  this photo of the Tongue River Valley. This is what we are willing to destroy for $15 a ton. The article in the Missoula Independent this week continues the […]