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Who’s On First?

Heyyy Abbot!

Heyyy Abbot!

This morning the Republicans are all whining about their big loss. I’m just trying to figure out who the winners are and what exactly the Republican Party has lost. Certainly the country and the economy lost, to the tune of $24 billion due to the government shutdown. Millions of people lost pay and benefits. We lost the use of some of our country’s treasures for more than two weeks. Our country lost stature among many of the world’s top economies and we all appeared to be idiots on the world stage.

Congress has agreed to keep the government open and pay our debts as well as start talking about a budget. In other words, they have agreed to do their jobs for a couple of months before re-embarking on the Crazy Train.

If there are losers, and I certainly agree that most Republicans are losers, there should also be winners, but I just can’t seem discover anyone who benefited from the insanity of the last two weeks. About the only thing that Republicans wanted that they didn’t get was the revocation of the signature achievement of a sitting president through a Democratically-controlled Senate. Dissolution of the Affordable Care Act was never on the table and was never a realistic goal, but the GOP held the entire country for ransom for two weeks just to prove. . .?

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