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Fishing for fines

Locked-out-of-Flat-CreekAnd here, we have an armed U.S. Park Service bull escorting an angler out of the Flat Creek access in Wyoming.  Did I fail to mention that electing idiots to Congress has consequences? I suggest that when planning your next fishing trip, you first make a quick call to your U.S. Congressman to make sure it’s okay. You don’t want to end up serving 2-5 in Leavenworth like this poor sucker for failing to know the difference between a brown trout and a carp.

I might also suggest that, when you call you ask for the special, super-secret GOP Decoder Ring as well if you want to know what the Hell Republicans are talking about. Also, with each purchase, you will receive, free of charge, one handsome, “Get out of Obamacare free” plastic commemorative wallet card.

Oh, and, by the way, the answer is that carp (and Congressmen) have smaller brains than brown trout.


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