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A touch of sanity from the Montana Legislature

If you are not following the daily video diary of Amanda Curtis, freshman legislator from Butte, you are missing out on the most intelligent and interesting thing to come out of the 63rd session. Amanda is a first-time legislator and high school math teacher from Butte. She is keeping a daily video diary of her experiences in the legislature and posting the videos on YouTube and Facebook. Amanda is not afraid to tell it like it is and to express her frustration with the way our state representatives conduct business. Below is her video from the Saturday 2/10 floor session which she calls “Weird Bill Day” due to the plethora of crazy bills voted on.

I especially liked her calling out Jerry O’Neil on his “Jury Nullification Act” (HB 290) and the “self-proclaimed constitutionalists” who don’t really have a clue about how the court system or the Constitution works. “The people who voted yes for this [HB290] maybe should not be getting their jobs back next time.” The vote for HB 290 “very clearly shows who is crazy and who is a fairly reasonable human being.” I LOVE this lady!

You can catch more on her YouTube channel and also her Facebook page. You owe it to yourself and to Montana to watch and learn about what really happens in the legislature.


7 Responses

  1. Rep. Amanda Curtis (D-Butte) is doing a excellent job, including the videos’.. If I could ‘vote’ for Amanda ten times, I would.. Mike in Butte/Centerville/Walkerville, MT :)

    • Mike. I couldn’t agree more. What do you think it would take to talk Amanda into moving to Button Valley? Or, maybe we could investigate cloning this lady?

  2. Thanks, you guys/gals. I really appreciate the shout out and encouragement. This keeps me going. So glad someone is paying attention and getting involved!

    • These videos are the best thing to come out of the Legislature in a long time. It’s so good to see a fresh, intelligent explanation of the shenanigans that go on daily. Thank you Amanda.

  3. Amanda Curtis , what a lady, she pulls no punches

    • I love Amanda. She calls it like she sees it. I think every legislator should be required to make daily videos during the session. Can you imagine the hilarious mashup we could make?

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