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The Walls of Liberty

wallsAh, winter. Time to cozy up to a blazing fire, reflect on events of the past year and let your imagination run wild. Will you better off in the new year than you are today? If not, you might consider joining a cadre of like-minded friends to build a better world. Take Glenn Beck for example. In the new year, Glenn plans to unveil his latest big-picture dreamscape Glennbeckistan Independence USA. Built to honor the memories of Walt Disney and Ayn Rand, the new project will become a safe haven. “A retreat from the world where entrepreneurs, artists, and creators could come to put their ideas to work. A place for families to bring their children to be inspired.” And, a theme park honoring  that great American, and carnival barker, Glenn Beck. Beck estimates the city-theme-park will cost about $2 billion to build, or roughly .002 trillion-dollar platinum coins,”

Across the lake, there would be a church modeled after The Alamo which would act as a multi-denominational mission center. The town will also have a working ranch where visitors can learn how to farm and work the land. [and listen to Glenn 24/7 on loudspeakers?]

Yes, winter is a time to let your imagination take you to those wonderful, fanciful places that never existed and with your help, never will. Over in Idaho, zealots dream the impossible dream of returning to those glorious days of yore behind the impregnable stone walls of their own Camelot;Zombie

The Citadel Community will house between 3,500 and 7,000 patriotic American families who agree that being prepared for the emergencies of life and being proficient with the American icon of Liberty — the Rifle — are prudent measures.

World not going just the way you thought it would when you were in high school? Apply today. Join a fun team of liberty-loving, gun-toting, families just like you,

Marxists, Socialists, Liberals and Establishment Republicans will likely find that life in our community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles.

Yes, these will be your kind of people. Behind the protective walls of The Citadel, the horrific world, filled with those “other” people, will pass you by. Here, you will be completely safe from the impending Zombie Apocalypse or Islamofascist takeover. You will feel ultimately secure knowing that every neighbor will be heavily armed, and living in a state of constant fear of everyone else. For your safety, and within your new safe haven,knight

  • “Every able-bodied Patriot of age within the Citadel will maintain one AR15 variant in 5.56mm NATO, at least 5 magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.”
  • “All Patriots, who are of age and are not legally restricted from bearing firearms, shall agree to remain armed with a loaded sidearm whenever visiting the Citadel Town Center.”
  • “Every able-bodied Patriot aged 13 and older governed by this Agreement shall annually demonstrate proficiency with the rifle of his/her choice by hitting a man-sized steel target at 100 yards with open sights at the Citadel range. Each Resident shall have 10 shots and must hit the target at least 7 times.”

In this sacred new year of 613, “We the People come together in this covenant of our free will and do pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor to defend one another and Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty, defined as unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

citadelBehind our fortified towers and “curtain wall” you can finally find peace, marching to rousing martial music on the “Captain John Parker Green”, shooting ducks in the reflecting pool, touring the Firearms Museum, or visiting the local arms factory where you can procure your own AR-15, safe from prying eyes of government intervention;

“Your heart will never be satisfied until you own one, because it’s the only firearm in America that is designed by Patriots, built for Patriots, with the sole purpose of defending Liberty.” [and killing zombies, one would assume]

Firearms built by skilled, patriotic artisans, just like you. Since this is rural Idaho, with few employment opportunities, you will likely have a great job at the arms factory, unencumbered by silly things like a unions, a decent health or retirement plan, or a minimum wage. And, you will remain secure in the knowledge that everyone on the factory floor, including your supervisor, is packing heat.

But then, nobody ever said that liberty doesn’t come without cost. At last you can be completely free to live as you wish, behind high stone walls guarded by heavily-armed patriot fanatics with many, many guns, likely pointed in both directions.


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