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Ghosts Stories of the GOP

On Tuesday, the Republican reliance on fear, fear of Muslims, fear of abortion, fear of blacks, fear of gays, fear of immigrants, fear of women, backfired on them big time. The right continues to use extremely divisive issues like gay rights, guns and abortion to frighten their constituents into voting for conservative candidates. The problem is, they no longer realize that those issues are just as divisive among their own as they are between parties.

Reliance on the extreme and unnerving views of the outermost among their party faithful to instill fear of the “other” broke down spectacularly. The Republican party is now 90% white and aging. The “other” is fast becoming the majority of the voting public. Winning national elections without a strong coalition of women, youth and minorities is no longer going to happen, no matter how afraid your core voters are. Denial of reality in the face of reality becomes fantasy and even conservatives are beginning to see that you can’t base a political philosophy on fantasy.

Dependence on alarmist outlets like Fox News and old, white billionaires to carry a message of fear and loathing against those who don’t fit the white, conservative, Christian mold lost this election for the Republican party and we can only hope it will continue to shrink the party and lose elections in the future. Fear of the dark ends where the light of reason begins.


2 Responses

  1. Good article, hit the nail right on the head. But the whining etc… from the Republicans has only just began. This is going to be fun listening to there blame game.

    • The GOP are in denial. They believe that their message is fine, they just need to work on the delivery. Let’s hope they never come to believe that their message is the problem.

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