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A Sham and a Shame

Okay, now the scumbags at the phony nonprofit campaign group, American Tradition Partnership have officially stepped over the line! They have blatantly stolen the banner from Montana’s most respected news source, the Button Valley Bugle for their use in a propaganda mailing to unsuspecting Montanans.

Calling their hogwash-laden rag a “trusted news source” while imitating the trademark of our credible news organization is an affront to all the good folks here at the Bugle and to the great people of Montana. The “editor and publisher”, is Libertarian hack Donny Ferguson also just happens to be the National Director of American Tradition Partnership, and was formerly Director of Communications for the Libertarian National Committee. Ferguson spends most of his ink defending ATP from charges of illegal campaign activity, most recently highlighted by several prominent news stories revealing their ties to candidates for public office in Montana and to their campaigns.

While I have to admit that much of the sham publication is humorous to read, it in no way upholds the high editorial standards of reputable news publications such as the Bugle. While claiming to be unbiased and non-partisan, they slam, lie and mislead about honest candidates for political office in Montana. The paper, published, by out-of-state money interests, reminds readers that the “Montana Statesman is a special edition of ATP’s American Steward Quarterly newsletter”. Don’t be fooled by these scam artists. Their entire purpose, as revealed by their own internal documents is to control the way you think and vote with the use of glossy mailers, massive ad buys by out-of-state interests and fictitious “news”. These folks don’t represent Montana views, they certainly don’t represent “tradition” and they are in no way interested in “partnership”. They are absolutely not affiliated with the great people of Button Valley, Montana nor are they in any way related to the reputable and respected Button Valley Bugle.


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  1. But it’s Montana’s “largest and most trusted” news source! How can it be wrong, if it’s so large and so trusted?


    Even though I am largely sympathetic with libertarian and conservative causes, this Ferguson clown is utterly pathetic and embarrassing. He is doing far more damage to his cause than he realizes with his bogus “newspaper.”

    • Ferguson and ATP have no “cause” they have only clients who stand to benefit financially from the election of sycophants whom they can control. Released records show that there is nothing ideological about what they do and their methods are clearly illegal.

  2. […] have reacted with outrage to the lies being spread by the fake newspapers called the Montana Statesman and the deceptive mailers that arrived on doorsteps courtesy of the American Traditions […]

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