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Where’s George

One of the biggest mysteries of this presidential election cycle is the question of who exactly was the president prior to Barack Obama? I vaguely have a vision of “George” somebody, but it never comes clear to me. Whoever it was never seems to be mentioned by the current crop of Republican candidates. Finally, with the definitive answer, the National Memo reports that former President George W. Bush will spend a few days before the election lazing on the sunny beaches of the Cayman Islands and addressing the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit.

G.W. will regale attendees with amusing stories of Texas as well as “the challenges facing our nation in the 21st century, the power of freedom, and the role of faith.” Yes, as our country strives to recover from the worst storm in a century and enters the final stages of our most important presidential election, George W. Bush will be addressing venture capitalists in the off-shore investment capital while sharing the stage with Richard Branson and pro golfer Greg Norman.

The Summit will be held at the sumptuous Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman, “voted Best Resort in the Caribbean three years in a row.” Important topics to be covered at the “summit” are “HOW TO CREATE BUSINESSES OF ENDURING VALUE AFTER A PERFECT STORM” (ooohhh, bad choice of topics!) and “CREATING OPPORTUNITY SETS IN A NEW WORLD ORDER.” Attendees will hear important topics like,

  • Repositioning alternatives as mainstream
  • Leveraging alpha capabilities
  • Coping with the dynamics of financial repression
  • Re-jigging the risk models
  • Seeking opportunities in the sovereign debt crisis
  • Developing best governance practices that comply with the spirit of regulation
  • Striking a balance between business principles and overt controls
  • Influencing the regulators

So, there you have it. Next time somebody asks that all-important question, “What ever happened to that guy who put us in the ugly mess?” You will have the answer.


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