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The Sierra Club has released its Clean Water Report Card for the 112th Congress.

112th Congress we have seen an unprecedented attack from U.S. House of Representatives Leadership on clean water. The House has voted for endangering the drinking water sources of 117 million Americans, allowing the direct discharge of pesticides into our waterways without permits and stopping strong safeguards on coal ash and mountaintop removal pollution — just to name a few.

Guess how our representative was graded? As if you didn’t know. In 14 of 14 votes rated, Denny received an unqualified “F”. Rehberg voted to:

  • Stop federal protections for the American public from the environmental destruction and pollution of mountaintop removal mining, forcing communities across Appalachia to face severe environmental and health harms as a result of this devastating coal mining practice.
  • Prevent the EPA from using the Clean Water Act to stop coal waste dumping that will cause unacceptable environmental harm.
  • Prevent the EPA from protecting our waterways from toxic pesticide pollution by exempting pesticides applications from Clean Water Act permitting.
  • Bar the use of funds made available to implement, administer or enforce a rule regarding water quality standards for lakes and flowing waters in Florida published by the EPA.

And on and on…. Rehberg got an over-all score of “0” on protecting our clean water, or a grade of “F“. You can see the individual vote tally here.


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