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Black-Robed Cabal

On June 25, in a terse, unsigned ruling, the five corporate hacks now controlling the Supreme Court ratified the ridiculous argument of the front group, imperiously shoving Montana’s law into the ditch and re-imposing the rule of special interest money on the people’s will.

Jim Hightower hits all the right notes on the recent SCOTUS ruling in: Supreme Court’s plutocratic hacks rule against people in Montana from Lubbock Online

Just a good feel-good read. Seems like everybody except the “plutocratic hacks” gets the point.

Not only were Kennedy and his fellow corporatists wrong on the substance of their decree, but also ridiculously wrong on the politics. You don’t need a law degree to see CEOs are presently flooding this year’s presidential and congressional races with hundreds of millions of corporate campaign dollars, gleefully perverting the political process to buy government policy for their own gain. That not only gives the appearance of corruption, it is corrupt.


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