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The End of Sanity

Does this sound “too conservative” for teens in Ronan, Montana, or just paranoid and nuts?

At a jam-packed Glacier Country Pachyderm Club meeting, Oscar-winning Hollywood film producer Gerald “Jerry” Molen delivered a doomsday vision of the United States’ future if President Barack Obama is reelected, with references to socialism and the “end of America.”

Molen said Obama’s methods are to “rule” as opposed to “govern.” The president, he said, is trying to turn the United States into a socialist country.

As a cautionary note, Molen described how European Jews failed to fully grasp the extent of the Nazis’ aggression until it was too late.

Sure it was handled poorly, but I think the Ronan principal had more than a little reason to be nervous about allowing Molen to rant. “End of America”? What would the reaction have been if the invitee had been George Clooney, or Nancy Pelosi?


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  1. […] entitled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”   The producer’s name is Gerald Molen.  Recently Molen spoke to the GOP in the Flathead Valley where he lives the Button Valley Bugle reports, and described what he said is Obama’s “doomsday […]

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