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Mr. Fixit

The Neocons got screwed by SCOTUS on the healthcare bill. Last week the Progressives got screwed on corporate funding of elections. Now, can you just call it a draw and get back to your real jobs? Maybe we could actually repair some roads and bridges? Get the economy back on track? How about we actually fix and fund our education system? And, would somebody please send a bus for those poor guys in Afghanistan that everybody forgot about?

Okay, I know that ain’t going to happen, especially during an election year, but I just had to get it off my chest.

The only way we are going to fix our screwed up government is with mandated publicly funded elections. All the touchy-feely amendments to the Constitution to limit special interest money will hold about as much water as a colander once the lobbyists get finished with them. We have to get special interest money completely out of the system. Here’s my solution: We need to first put all lobbying, by everybody, on hiatus. Then we lock the doors of both the House and Senate and nobody gets in our out until the problem is fixed.

Yeah, that has about as much chance of happening as rain in Colorado, but sometimes ya just gotta dream.


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