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Agenda 22 is Evil Too!

In our ongoing quest to alert Bugle readers to threats to the rights of True Americans, real or imagined. We have posted stories on UN Agenda 21 and those true patriots opposing the attempt by George Soros, the lame-stream media and the Zionist UN to corrupt our government, abolish our God-given property rights and form a One-World Government.

By now, we all know the threat posed by the 20 year old non-binding UN document, Agenda 21, outlining such insidious threats as “smart growth”, “environmental sustainability” and other dire perils to the American way of life. Agenda 21 would have all good Americans living in high-rise ghettos, taking cold showers and riding bicycles on government-sponsored, so called “Bike Paths” while FEMA prepares concentration camps for conservatives in our national forests.

Now another sinister UN menace has come to light in the form of UN Agenda 22, another innocuous-sounding 20 year old document adopted by the UN General Assembly that purports to set “Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities”. This malevolent plan suggests advisory goals for the treatment of the handicapped based on the UN Standard Rules. The plan;

  • Weaves disability aspects into all planning and activities from the very beginning of any product whether it is a disability-focused project or not;
  • Pays special attention to women and children, since they tend to be especially vulnerable groups;
  • Uses the local authority to act as a good example;
  • Determines specific long-term objectives and measures for implementation; and
  • Includes a method of evaluation and review.

Of course, any True Patriot can easily wade through the UN double-speak and drill down to their pernicious plan for World Domination. Along with our “so called President” Barack Hussein Obama and his Socialist cohorts, the UN intends to weave “human rights” for the disabled into every faction of our lives. After we have all become accustomed to thinking that handicapped people are just the same as everybody else and entitled to a place in our society, the Soros-dominated, one-world extremists  will begin the second part of their hideous plan by expanding the definition of “disabled”. Led by the corrupt  and socialistic Obama Administration, homasexulism will be declared a disability. Gays and lesbians will come to expect the same rights and respect as bible-believing Christians. The very fabric of our society will be rent asunder! Who knows where this slippery slope will lead in the UN-dominated society envisioned by the pinko-liberal New World Order? We can, of course conceive of a world where “people of color” are considered disabled and therefore the ACLU will demand that they be given the same rights and privileges now granted only to white Christian males.

Ever vigilant my friends! The corrupt UN, the Zionists and the liberal extremists will never cease in their quest for global domination and it is up to real bible-believing, gun-totin’, tea-drinkin’ Christian Americans to thwart their evil agenda at every turn.


3 Responses

  1. […] the winners are the backers of Obama, the NWO freaks, who are pushing Agenda 21/22, as summarized here.  While things like “corporate sustainability” sound pleasant if somewhat benign, it […]

  2. Funny. Thanks for that.

  3. Scary our country is heading down the wrong path. Government trying to take over ever phase of our lives. Every God fearing person needs to pray for country and for Godly leadership.

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