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Bonner County Line – Effective government stops here

Finally, somebody gave the Bonner County Property Rights Council something to do. They have begun their agenda to destroy effective government in Idaho, one county at a time. KEA reports today,
Bonner County PRC Officially Opposes Everything – Including Clean Drinking Water

In their first official action, the PRC has rejected a draft ordinance by the county Planning and Zoning Commission to establish a “Watershed Protection Overlay District”. The purpose of the proposed ordinance was to establish rules and regulations to protect surface waters that are used by municipalities for drinking water. Protection districts for groundwater already exist. The chairman of the PRC rejected the proposed ordinance in order to protect upstream landowners from loss of their God-given rights to pollute their water as they see fit. The chairman finds that the proposed protections in the draft ordinance are “unreasonable, unnecessary, and arbitrary.” The “Ordinance is presumed likely to be wasteful as compared to a system of voluntary free-market transactions in land-use rights which would efficiently allocate resources to the highest and best uses.” “Free-market transactions in land-use rights”, not really sure what that is, but it must pretty good.

In his rambling review of the ordinance, and rebuttal to sane arguments from the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Idaho Rural Water Association, the (nameless) PRC chairman calls the Watershed Protection Overlay District a “Zone of Coercion Overlay”. In his own private theater of the absurd, the chairman arbitrarily decided;

If the party challenging the validity of an ordinance carries the burden of proving that it is unreasonable and arbitrary, then the proponents of the ordinance should naturally carry the burden of proving that it is reasonable and non-arbitrary prior to passage.

If the PRC can stop something as simple as protecting drinking water supplies in Bonner County, it becomes clear from here forward no planning, zoning, regulation or black helicopters will be allowed in northern Idaho. “The full PRC will consider the Chairman’s proposed draft on Monday, March 12, 2012 at its 6:30pm meeting.” I would be exceedingly surprised if the full council doesn’t agree with the full eight-page recommendation by the chairman down to the last comma.


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