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Doomsday Update

UPDATE UPDATE 02/29: Just when you think things are going fine,

The Wyoming House of Representatives on Tuesday narrowly voted down legislation to launch a study into what the state should do in the event of a complete economic or political collapse in the United States.

House Bill 85 was rejected 30-27 in a final House vote, as opponents said the task force wasn’t needed and that the bill’s message had already been delivered thanks to significant national media coverage of the legislation in recent days.

Not to worry, meanwhile on the floor in Cheyenne:

Bill to lure Ultimate Fighting to Wyoming advances
Wyoming House endorses bill to overturn federal birth control mandate
Wyoming Senate backs ending raises for state retirees
Driving fast bills speed through Wyoming Legislature

Gosh, I miss it when the Montana Legislature isn’t in session.

Damn, it seems that Wyoming legislature has no sense of humor at all. They have decided to drop the amendment to HB85 that would require the Judgement Day Task Force to study the purchase of attack aircraft and an aircraft carrier. Have can you have a task force without a flagship? The task force however, will continue forward with plans to explore creating the state’s own currency in the event of complete and utter economic collapse. “Wyoming – which has a comparatively good economy and sound state finances – needs to make sure it’s protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S.” How sound that economy would be if they lose all the customers for their coal is not explained. I would expect that they don’t really mean “currency”. I can’t see paying for Armageddon with anything but good old Wyoming gold. It would have been nice though to see that rendering of the USS Wamsutter on the hundred dollar bill.

To maintain some semblance of levity, the Legislature has at least decided to move forward with likely unconstitutionalHB82 requiring drug testing for Wyoming welfare applicants. At the time of application, citizens would be notified that they are suspected of being druggies merely because they are applying for welfare. The bill would,

“Provide notice of drug testing to each individual at the time of application. The notice shall advise the individual that drug testing will be conducted as a condition for receiving POWER benefits and that the individual must bear the cost of testing.”

In the case of two parent families, the bill would “Require that for two parent families,  both parents comply with the drug testing requirement”. I didn’t see anything in the bill that would resolve the conflict if only one parent tested positive.

In another example of the lack of humor in Wyoming, one amendment would have changed the language from, “Drug screening for applicants for temporary assistance for needy families.” to “Drug screening for applicants for temporary assistance for needy families and Wyoming state legislators.” For some unknown reason, that amendment, by Rep. Jim Byrd of Laramie failed to pass the House.


2 Responses

  1. We are bemoaning the loss of the USS Wamsutter. However, deep in a bunker in Teton County, plans for the USS Dick Cheney are being hatched.

    • Montana’s GOP legislators have a steep row to hoe next year to out-crazy Wyoming. I have every confidence that we will be able to step up our lunacy level and maintain our top-seeded standing. Meanwhile, it’s nice to have the wacky Wyoming legislature to follow during the off season.

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