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Franking my dear, you should give a damn

Want to donate to Dennis Rehberg campaign for the Senate? Oh sorry, you already did. He just forgot to tell you. The Montana Democratic Party is once again complaining about Rehberg sending out campaign literature on your dime. The mailer portrays Denny as that great Montana sportsman who is tirelessly working for you in Congress. This latest propaganda is about how Denny and the County Sheriff want to protect you from Canadian terrorists.

See that cute little message at the bottom left? It reads “Public Document . Official Business, This document was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense“. That means you paid the cost and it’s officially called “franking”, a privilege that allows Congress to communicate about what they have been doing for constituents. It’s not meant to convey what they are trying to do “to” constituents. Even though he has to sign a certification that ” to the best of my knowledge, the attached material submitted for review does not contain any logo, masthead design, slogans, photographs or facsimiles thereof contained in the campaign literature of a Member, or any specific campaign promises or pledges of a Member or political party“, Denny has a hard time figuring out just what campaign literature really is.

In 2006 Denny sent out 147,000 glossy mailers costing about $60,000 that opponents called “blatant campaign literature”. Of course that’s only for the mailing cost and  doesn’t include stuff like producing all the fancy graphics and pretty pictures of the Congressman as well as publishing costs that go into the propaganda that goes on your tab. In 2008 and 2010 Denny once again sent out pretty picture-filled brochures about how he is fighting to end costly earmarks;



Getting the picture? These pretty, and expensive, brochures that you paid for always seem to show up in your mailbox only during election years.

During Rehberg’s all-out fight against congressional earmarks, he was named the #1 earmarker in Congress. Yes, this is the same Dennis Rehberg that is reported to vote with his party 91% of the time so, you don’t really need to know what his positions are.

According to OpenCongress, Mr. Rehberg has sponsored 15 bills in the House, 0 of which made it into law. He has co-sponsored 138 bills, of which 5 became law. You are not only paying for all this pretty mail that you immediately toss or recycle. You are paying this ineffective guy an actual salary to do this to you.


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