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And Koch Slew Cain

Just got back from a fun weekend at the big Occupy Havre demonstration. I didn’t see you there. The Occupy Button Valley rally was fun, but both guys left early when they heard that the walleye were biting on Fort Peck.

The big news this week is further revelations of Herman Cain’s ties to Tea Party financier Koch brothers. AP reports that his 9-9-9, tax-the-poor plan was conceived by Rich Lowrie of Americans For Prosperity. The 9% corporate tax rate has the Kochs drooling in their tea. Cain’s Koch links are really nothing new. He was a heavy hitter for the Koch-financed AFP for a long time. He even headlined their New York rally for the Koch-sponsored Greenhouse Gas, Global-Warming Denial Initiative, which as far as I can tell, promotes more and better greenhouse gases to improve the Koch financial environment.

While not really new news, the Koch ties should solidify Tea Party bona fides for Herman Cain, cement his minority candidate status and pretty much guarantee that the flavor of the week will flip a lot of support to former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson (Who?) in the GOP primary race next week.


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