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State Dept. Endorses Tar Sands Insanity

To date 595 concerned citizens have been arrested protesting the Keystone XL pipeline outside the White House. ““Just in the last two days everyone from the president’s chief climate scientist to an 84-year-old grandmother was arrested on his front doorstep,” said environmental author Bill McKibben.” Here’s a graphic that you need to see. It points out the location of the 12 spills over the first year of operation of the existing Keystone pipeline. After following the Exxon oil spill into the Yellowstone River for the last couple of months we don’t need to remind you of the dangers of a new pipeline that will cross 1,904 waterways, many of which are in Montana, and including the Ogallala Aquifer which provides drinking water to millions and provides 30% of the nation’s groundwater used for irrigation. The XL will carry more than 500,000 barrels of very nasty tars sands oil every day. That’s 12 times what Exxon’s Silvertip pipeline carried before the spill. Here are just a few of the facts laid out by the graphic and by pipeline opponents;

    • Will disturb 20,782 acres including 11,485 acres of native grasslands and 2,684 acres of forest.
    • It will take 20 to 50 years for forested wetlands disturbed by construction to recover.
    • It will take 14 million gallons of surface water just to hydrostatically test the pipeline.
    • According to the EPA, carbon emissions from tar sands crude are approximately 82% higher than for average crude oil refined in the U.S.
    • The U.S. and Canada combined contain less than 5% of the world’s oil reserves.
    • Production of tar sands oil costs $30 per barrel. Saudi and Iraqi oil costs $4-$6 per barrel to produce and another $2-$3 for transportation.

In a press release on Friday the Sierra Club said;

Americans don’t want a 2,000 mile-long toxic crude oil pipeline running through our heartland for the benefit of a foreign oil corporation and they don’t want another oil spill. TransCanada’s proposed tar sands pipeline would threaten our most productive farmlands and the drinking water of millions of Americans.  It would expose more Americans to cancer-causing carcinogens, and open the gates on the biggest source of carbon pollution in the northern hemisphere.

The State Department has concluded that the pipeline will have “no significant impact” on the environment and should move forward. NASA’s Dr. James Hansen said, “If Obama chooses the dirty needle it will confirm that the President was just green-washing all along, like the other well-oiled coal-fired politicians, with no real intention of solving the addiction.”

Call the White House and tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline:

The White House: 202-456-1111


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