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I think I’ve found the perfect birthday gift for the President. The International  Association of Hostage Negotiators offers many good training courses. They offer an excellent course on “Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Intervention“. In this class students will learn, among other worthwhile topics,

Psychology Of Negotiations:
In this segment students will discuss in laymen’s terms the mental disorders that are prevalent during crisis situations. Identifying the mental disorder and dealing with it in a crisis situation.

Maybe by the next time the GOP decides to grab the nation by the cojones and shake vigorously, the President will understand just how to handle the situation. If we all  chip in, I’m sure it would cost less than we will lose from our Social  Security checks next year and will be a valuable investment. Perhaps even a good manual on hostage negotiation would be an appropriate birthday gift? He obviously needs to improve his skills.

Next up, expiration of the Bush tax cuts: Republicans are already making plans for holding hostage tax cuts for middle-class Americans. “Democrats will leave the country defenseless unless we let them raise your taxes.”

April 13th:

“President Obama said flatly today he would block renewal of George W. Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy when they expire at the end of 2012 (the year he is up for re-election). “I refuse to renew them again,” Obama said during his speech today on reducing the federal debt.”

August 1: Gene Sperling, director of the White House National Economic Council

“And remember this president also has the veto pen to ensure that the tax cuts for the most well- off are not extended if we do not get the type of tax reform that is fair to the middle class,”

That’s what ya call “wiggle room”. Obama went from “I refuse to renew them again.” to, “well maybe, we’ll see….” in just over three months. Doing away with the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would go a long way toward balancing the budget. Remember that about two-thirds of our debt is due to the tax cuts, two wars and the Tarp bailout all accrued under “W”. Do we really believe that the president who surrendered to the GOP when they threatened to shut down the government and who just surrendered again under a threat of default, will really stand up for principle next year when the tax cuts expire for the third time? Republicans are already looking for the next threat that they can use against the Caveman. The Debt Ceiling threat worked so well that we can surely expect to see it come up again every time the ceiling is set to expire.


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