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Rehberg and Gibberish

UPDATE 06/08/2011: The Huffington Post asks the question this way this morning,

Montana, Could Your Congressman’s Actions Someday Make Your Child Sick?

The risks of wasting antibiotics on healthy animals to our health are well documented and too great to ignore for long. I just can’t believe that the citizens of Montana would knowingly want to take those risks. Why should parents take more chances of their children getting sick because we are squandering their best medicines to fatten animals faster? I can’t believe that is what they elected Congressman Rehberg to do. Montana moms and dads, please, call your congressman. There is no time, or antibiotics, to waste!

I hate to hit Dennis Rehberg two posts in a row, but it’s been a while since the last one and I’m just getting really tired of having the entire state of Montana embarrassed every time he opens his mouth. There’s a note in U.S. News & World Report yesterday about Denny and the GOP delusional concept of science. The Missoula Independent covered the story today. The House Appropriations Committee, led by Rehberg, introduced language stop Federal agencies from using actual science to come up with regulations. To explain how science is used and misused by agencies, Rehberg opened his mouth, which is almost always a bad idea;

“I hate to try and define the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, between a sociologist and a geologist, but there clearly is a difference.”

Walt Handelsman—Tribune Media Services

The analysis by Anson Kay in US News was insightful;

What Rehberg was saying was: Hey everybody, slow it down. We can’t go on making rules like this when we don’t understand the basics. Wheat bread vs. white bread? Green pepper v. Dr. Pepper? Kids should smoke or they shouldn’t? Who knows? The science just isn’t there yet.

The Independent called it the “gibberish defense” of the amendment. In the Washington Post, Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) said “This amendment ties FDA’s hands and will prevent the agency from taking basic steps to protect us from highly lethal threats, like tainted foods and drugs,” Waxman said in a statement. “Simply put, it will endanger American lives.”

We only hear from Rehberg once every four years when an election rolls around and for my money, that’s way too often.


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