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R.I.P. HB-292

Occasionally there is some good news out of the GOP playpen in Helena. HB-292 to diminish the guarantees of the Montana Constitution by adding “and economically productive” to your constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, failed this morning in the Senate even though it passed on a vote of 26-24. The bill needed to get a two-thirds vote of 100 in both houses to qualify for a statewide ballot. They only wound up with 89 votes. Here’s a vote of thanks to the 24 senators and 32 House members who had the intestinal fortitude to buck the tea party penchant for reducing the rights of Montana citizens in order to increase corporate profits. Particular thanks to Republican senators Art Wittich and Ryan Zinke for being willing to face off against their party’s steamroller and side with the people of Montana. You might want to drop them a note of thanks.


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