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War on Wildlife

It just chafes the collective GOP arse that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks receives most of it’s funding from the sportsmen it serves and not at the arbitrary whim of conservative whackos. These are people who believe science is a matter of opinion. They think global warming is good for Montana, that evolution is merely guesswork and an attack on God and that a 12-year-old should have the opportunity to kill an elk with a sharp stick.  Evidently that also gives them the expertise needed to manage our state’s wildlife.

The Republican-led legislature put forth 101 bills regulating FWP this session. Almost all of the bills were poorly written, confusing or conflicting. Thankfully, most died in committee or didn’t make transmittal deadline, but several revenge bills are still gasping for breath. Republicans apparently know better than biologists where the buffalo should roam. They don’t want you to have any more public access to your resources and they want to reduce federal matching funds going to the Department. Along with our state’s environmental guarantees, wolves, grizzlies and bison have particularly raised the hackles of lawmakers this year. Overall their goal has been to reduce and remove funding from management and regulation of our wild heritage for no particular reason other than retribution for perceived wrongs. Rather than create jobs, stimulate the economy or fix the budget, these lawmakers choose to spend their time on petty personal grievances that will, in the long run, make it harder for you and I to hunt, fish and enjoy the bounty of Montana.


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