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Billionaires get two years, Unemployed get 13 months

Wouldn’t it be nice to see that word in reference to a single Republican agenda item, just once? The administration caves in to all Republican demands in exchange for a short unemployment extension for some workers. Does anyone really think that Republicans would have allowed unemployment benefits for 2 million people to expire and taxes on everybody to go up in order to save tax cuts for the wealthy? Greedy they are, stupid they ain’t. While we undergo the “Most Unequal Distribution of Wealth Since the Great Depression!” We are on the verge of borrowing $400 billion to pay for this crappy “compromise” so that Republicans can turn around after the first of the year and decry the federal deficit. The next words you can expect to hear from the Republican leadership is that we now need to cut Social Security benefits and Medicare in order to get this “horrendous” deficit under control.


3 Responses

  1. I’m utterly disgusted with this. Not even a fight. Unreal.

    • Oh, one of those “sanctimonious” progressives eh? Obama said it reminds him of the Public Option fight all over again. It does me to. You spend two months giving away all your best bargaining chips and in the end the Republicans screw you over anyway. So now, I suppose the rest of the lame duck will go really smooth?

      I can’t wait for the first conservative to start complaining about the size of the deficit. It should be in the morning papers. And by Friday I expect to see proposals for cutting Social Security.

      • Well, it didn’t even take that long.

        I wouldn’t take these guys with me to negotiate buying a car, yet alone on the deficit.

        Must we cut Social Security or increase taxes on 2% who will still remain the richest 2%? The avoidance of increasing revenue is going to continue to paralyze this nation.

        We need to elect people that have some guts.

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