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Just where IS Oklahoma?

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) was talking to Neil Cavuto on Fox yesterday and he mentioned that the President didn’t even know where Oklahoma is.

“I can assure you, Neil, that if we leave it up to Obama to do something for Oklahoma, nothing’s going to get done,” Inhofe said. “I mean Obama doesn’t care about Okla– he doesn’t know where Oklahoma is.”

David Koch, co-owner, Koch Industries

Inhofe is one of the more prominent of the many, many Republican climate and science deniers in the U.S. Congress this term. He has taken millions of dollars from oil and gas industries to promote their interests. But you know, it occurred to me that Inhofe might have a point. I bet a lot of people are not aware of just where Oklahoma really is so, following much exhaustive research, I finally found just where Oklahoma and James Inhofe are located. Turns out he is the number one favorite Oklahoman of David Koch, having taken $86,650 from Tea Party sugar daddy Koch Industries with $40,300 in 2008 alone. He is number 5 on the Koch Industries all time list, right behind George W. Bush. Koch is the richest resident of New York City, which is saying something. Koch is the money man behind Tea Party movers and shakers, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks and the number one backer of James Inhofe of Oklahoma who coincidentally doesn’t believe that burning oil and coal is such a bad thing.


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