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Rock Rabbits Get Some Respect

There’s good news on the Pika Peril front today.

Ruling Favors the Pint-Size Pika

The nonprofit law firm, Earthjustice, scored a victory this week when a San Francisco judge ordered the California Fish and Game Commission to reconsider a decision to deny state endangered species protection to the pika.

Everybody at Button Valley High School is ecstatic. Maybe something will finally get done. The Bugle reported last year on the peril to our mascot posed by a changing climate.

Over a third of the populations of rock rabbits in Nevada and Oregon have gone extinct in the last century due to warming. Those that are left are now found an average of 900 feet further upslope. Pikas do not hibernate and due to reduced winter snowpack and warmer summertime temps, the critters cannot adapt fast enough to overcome the effects of climate change. They can only climb so high before there is no place left to go.

The new ruling orders the California Fish and Game Commission to re-evaluate their previous decision using actual scientific information presented by the Center for Biological Diversity.


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