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Saddening and Sickening

Here they come again to “reclaim” their country from “Those People”. We’ve seen this before and we will see it again. A small minority of white radicals who feel that “others” have stolen some amorphous something from them that they must restore. Unfortunately, it always seems that they feel the need to “reclaim” their “honor” from the rest of us. This past weekend, Glenn Beck and his sycophants flooded the Mall in Washington, D.C. to “restore honor”. Their honor, not yours. They are ready to take back America from “Those People”. This time “Those People” seem to be Muslims, Immigrants, Hispanics, Women, Blacks, Gays… Anyone who doesn’t look like them. What, exactly, we have lost, when and to whom remains unclear.

In 1939 Charles E. Coughlin, popular radio personality, Catholic priest and Nazi supporter, warned that there were “forces within America intent on destroying American liberty. Led by clever and scheming minds, these forces were “engineering the mechanism of a juggernaut of hatred, slavery and death.Coughlin warned that,

The only salvation for America must be a Christian Front–an obvious play on the communist “Popular Front.” Coughlin warned Americans that all foreign “isms” were prepared to “plung[e] its dagger into YOU.” The blade of the dagger was communism.

Coughlin called for the formation of the “Million League”, platoons of storm troopers to “reclaim” America for his Christian followers. His minions quickly took up the call, forming an organization called the Christian Front to take back all that they had lost, primarily from the Communists and the Jews. Beck formed the “Black Robe Regiment” for his rally.

These 240 men and women of all faiths are standing here today. … These 240 men and women from all faiths represent thousands of clergy that we couldn’t fit into this area that are amongst you now — thousands that have come here to the Mall to stand with America and God. And those thousands that are here represent 180 million people.”

Beck said: “My message to you tonight is: Stand where He wants you stand, and trust in the Lord. If He tells you to do it, do it. If you can’t figure it out, He will. Just do it.

The preamble for the founding of the Christian Front declared,

AMERICA is essentially a Christian nation, discovered, founded and organized under the auspices of Christianity. Our traditions and our civilization, the sum total of the traditions and cultures common to the principal races that compose our people—are Christian. Undoubtedly OURS IS A CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION.

Among the objectives of the Christian Front;

  • To promote patriotism and true Americanism as opposed to internationalism.
  • To safeguard the principles of Liberty as fully enjoyed under the restraining discipline of Christian teachings.
  • To prevent the infiltration in our governmental system of alien practices.
  • To oppose the dissemination of foreign propaganda in the United States for the purpose of influencing American opinion AGAINST or IN FAVOR of—any foreign Powers.
  • To expose and combat any subversive propaganda in the school, the press, the radio, the movies and any other educational means.
  • To oppose government by willful minorities.

These objectives could have come straight from the Beck rally. We’ve been down this road before. We know where it leads. By the early 1940s, members of the Christian Front were attacking and beating Jews on the streets of major eastern cities. They drew up lists of non-Jewish businesses and encouraged their application using a “Buy Christian” campaign and they picketed stores with signs reading “This Store Unfair to Christians”. They blamed Jews for the U.S. entry into WWII.

Alson J. Smith, writing about New York City in The Christian Century, a liberal Protestant magazine, declared that “entire neighborhoods are being terrorized” by antisemitic gangs inspired by the Christian Front “with its deliberate policy of provoking violence against the Jews.”

In 1940, eighteen Christian Front members were arrested on charges of conspiring to overthrow the U.S. Government and stealing ammunition and explosives from a National Guard armory. They planned to bomb the offices of a prominent Jewish newspaper and Jewish-owned businesses in hopes of precipitating a national anti-Jewish movement.

Glenn Beck

The most used phrase in my administration if I were to be President would be “What the hell you mean we’re out of missiles?” Glenn Beck

Close your eyes and try to picture a great big friendly jewfish — that is unless you’re Jewish. Oh yeah, and that

Charles E. Coughlin

reminds us: Jewfish get real stinky if you leave them in the car.”  Radio jingle for the Glenn Beck radio show.

During his [Glenn Beck’s] first talk radio stint in Tampa, he often referred to the Rev. Jesse Jackson as “the stinking king of the race lords.” from Media Matters

I repeat that what Father Coughlin has done to the minds of his followers is saddening and sickening. The majority of the 1,200 and more letters that have come to me from them are evidently written by poor and uneducated persons who have suffered much from the depression and who look upon Father Coughlin as a Messiah who will lead them into the Promised Land. They have been completely misled and their minds have been closed against the consideration of genuine remedies and reforms. Right Rev. John A. Ryan, Catholic Journal Commonweal, 1936

Insert the name Glenn Beck.


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