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Wyoming Payback

Wait a minute! These guys are protesting hauling Montana mine waste through part of Wyoming?

Montana’s Plan to Haul Gold on the Chief Joe Highway Riles Wyoming Officials

Are these the same people who support an environmental disaster called the Tongue River Railroad to haul Wyoming coal through Montana to northeastern energy markets? Are these the same folks who thought that waters polluted by coalbed methane production flowing north from Wyoming into Montana in violation of our water quality standards is not a problem? Does Wyoming still think it alright for them to use Yellowstone basin waters allocated to Montana for methane production in their state?

The entire project would haul less toxic material through Wyoming than a single coal train on the Tongue River Railroad. The reclamation plan is meant to clean up Soda Butte Creek, largest tributary to the Lamar River. If I remember my geography correctly, the Lamar River is still in Wyoming within Yellowstone National Park. Not that it would worry Wyoming officials,

…the Park County Board of County Commissioners sent an Aug. 10 letter to Montana Environmental Quality Director Richard Opper asking what Montana offered Wyoming as compensation for “potential road damage as well as mitigation of impacts to residents, disruption to tourism traffic, and safety considerations.”

Oh, I see. It’s not about environmental or road damage… It’s about “compensation”. Screw ’em. It’s a federal highway.


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