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Now What?

Damn! Like I needed another reason to hate my life. Now I can’t even enjoy fishing.

Fly Fishers Serving as Transports for Noxious Little Invaders

My boots carry rock snot, my boat is coated with Quagga mussels, I’ve got whirling disease on my waders, my lost tippet is killing songbirds, my graphite rod contributes to global warming, my pickup is an environmental nightmare… Just shoot me.

Life used to be so simple. You could eat a fish without worrying about mercury content, CO2 was a good thing, Republicans were all sleazeballs and the bad guys always wore black hats and smoked too much. Now I have to worry that every time I set foot in my favorite trout stream, I’m destroying the very world that keeps me sane. It’s the height of a spectacular summer and I’m afraid to leave my house for fear of causing an environmental catastrophe. Does anybody know if it’s still okay to drink beer if I recycle the can?


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