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Pathetic in Prescott

UPDATE via HuffPo:Good news. The gutless, carbound racists lost, and the mural is being restored to its “original theme.” Jeff Lane, the principal of Miller Valley Elementary School, and Kevin Kapp, the school superintendent, showed up at a protest today to apologize for giving in to whims of mentally deranged adults, spewing racial epithets at a painting.


Normally I couldn’t give a hoot about what happens in Prescott, Arizona. I’ve been to Prescott. It’s a nice place. The area is gorgeous, the people are great and it’s really not filled with racist slobs. That’s what makes this mural story so disgusting.

For those of you who think that the Arizona immigration law is not a local, sick, racist response to a large national problem, pay attention. The Prescott Downtown Mural Project seeks to liven up the desert town using artistic renderings of area history and people. Their latest artwork was finished this month at Miller Valley Elementary School. The mural, titled “Go On Green” uses the faces of actual elementary kids who attend Miller Valley. There is a black child (a Latino student) and several other Latinos among the children depicted, just as there are in the school. The director of the mural project reported that while they were working on the mural, sometimes along with the children, they received several “ethnic slurs” and epithets hurled by passing motorists, such as “Get that nigger off the wall“. Now the artists have been asked by Prescott officials and the school principal to “lighten” the faces of some of the children. Just imagine the message to those ethnic children who will now look up at the mural and see themselves depicted in freckle-faced, Beaver Cleaver images.

The attack is being driven by Steve Blair, a local talk radio host, bigot and city councilman. He commented “I’m not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it’s a word I can’t stand.” and “What these people don’t like is somebody forcing diversity down their throats.” Arizona is 58% non-white. Just who is mucking up the “diversity” here? Fortunately, Blair has been sacked from his radio job and I would hope that the good people of Prescott fire him from the city council soon.

Wait ’til the Prescott crackpots get a whiff of the outstanding mural in the Prescott Public Library, dedicated to “Free information and collective expression“. The library mural not only has ethnic overtones, it displays prominent Socialists and Communists like Edward Abbey, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Zane Grey. Luckily, most of the ethnic purity crowd probably aren’t aware that the city even has a library, let alone know how to find it.

I saw an LTE the other day with the headline, “Montana Should Adopt Legislation Similar to Arizona’s“. “There are many who believe that illegal immigration is a strategic hostile insurgency by Mexico to regain control of parts of the U.S. and maybe expand upon that territory beyond that lost after the Mexican/American war.” Unfortunately, I think we are too far down the road toward Arizona attitudes already. We have racist fliers showing up on car windshields in Billings. We have a pro-Nazi group inflaming community tempers in Kalispell. What we don’t need in Montana is to pass stupid laws that remove constitutional rights from any segment of our population based solely on skin color. Montana is 90% white. Xenophobes have a hard time even finding minorities to exploit in Montana. The only minority we can find to deport are Canadian thugs. Let’s let Arizona work out it’s own hate. They don’t need support from Montana.


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