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We all saw that one coming

Well, certainly no surprise here, but disturbing none the less. Since Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden suggested last week the use of poultry and indentured servitude to pay medical bills, the idea has been hot on every source of liberal media. Finally, the good folks over at TPM have done the “fowl math” to test the hypothesis of a chicken-based health care economy.

Foghorn Leghorn appears courtesy of Warner Brothers

Converting U.S. health care costs to world-wide barnyard output, they have discovered that even using every single clucker on the planet, the cost of U.S. health care alone will fall more than 400 billion pullets short next year. We are still awaiting the Rhode Island Red vs. Plymouth Rock medical deduction comparison. The GOP was somehow quick to blame Harry Reid for interjecting farm animals into this serious political debate. As to how we will cover the fearful cock-a-doodle-deficit, TPM could only speculate; “What would really help here is if there were some kind of single, universally accepted commodity, which could be used as a medium of exchange for all the others…

Total U.S. health care costs in 2008: $2.3 trillion
US population: About 300 million
Average cost of health care per person: $7,681
Average weight of a chicken: 5.9 lbs
Market price per pound: 85 cents
Average spot price per chicken: $5.02
Average number of chickens per resident needed to cover health care costs: 1,530 chickens
Total number of chickens needed to cover United States health care costs: 459 billion chickens
Estimated worldwide chicken population: 16 billion chickens
Current worldwide chicken shortage to cover U.S. health care: 443 billion cluckers


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