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Otter Creek Protest

Via the Billings Oupost: On Tuesday, March 16 from 1:15-1:45 the Sierra Club will be sponsoring a gathering at the Yellowstone County Courthouse park in Billings to demonstrate opposition to the mining of Otter Creek coal. On March 18, the Montana State Land Board will meet to discuss, once again, bids for the coal tracts. Bids close on March 16. Look for results of the bid to be released late Tuesday.

This new mine would provide dirty fuel to be shipped overseas where it would likely be burned in China’s coastal coal plants. Once burned, this coal will result in 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, one the most potent greenhouse gasses, entering our atmosphere. The mine itself will lay waste to an alluvial valley and threaten the entire Tongue River Valley’s air and water quality. You will be joining Montanan’s across the state who will be participating in this statewide day of action against Otter Creek Coal Mining.

We need to show them that we do not want more coal mining. The mine at Otter Creek is just the tip of the iceberg as coal developers from around the country are trying to gain a foothold in the Northern Powder River Basin. Loosing Otter Creek could have dire consequences for the entire state, as it will signal that Montana is willing to ignore the science of climate change in exchange for a quick buck.

If you can, please show up and demonstrate your opposition to mining the Otter Creek coal for a meager one-time profit for Big Coal.

For more info:

Mike Scott
Associate Regional Representative
Sierra Club
2401 Montana Ave, Suite 4
Billings MT 59101


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