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Corporate takeover begins

Well, we all knew this was coming: Pro-development group sues state to nix ban on corporate campaign donations

The extreme libertarian/right wing cuckoos are starting to come out of the woodwork. The far-right loonies at the front group, Western Tradition Partnership have joined with a Bozeman painting company in asking a Helena district court to strike down the nearly 100-year old Montana law banning corporate spending on candidates and issues.

It’s not hard to understand where WTP is coming from. Looking at their website we see lines like “Cap and Tax“, “Climategate“, “NREPA Land Grab“. They even have a nice youtube video “Rehberg blasts misuse of Antiquities Act!“. Why do the crazies need to overturn the Montana law?Western Tradition Partnership and Champion Painting want the law overturned so they can spend corporate funds to campaign in the June and November Montana elections on ballot issues and candidate platforms.” Corporations and their Astroturf front men can’t wait to dip into your retirement funds to get their idiot agenda turned into law.

The bad news is that, following the SCOTUS decision in Citizens United, these folks probably won’t have a bit of trouble overturning laws that protect you and I from further influence of corporate money across the nation. “It is no longer out of the realm of possibilities that we could one day see News Corp., Fox News’ parent company, spending mountains of cash against a candidate it opposes, say President Obama in 2012, for example.” Now they don’t even have to funnel money through a friendly PAC. They just dip right into their treasury. That means your investment portfolio.

And, if you expect Congress to do something to keep Exxon from spending your investments to elect right-wingnut idiots, you haven’t been paying attention. Money from corporate investments is now up for grabs by politicians. In Britain, even American companies have to report all their political spending to their shareholders. Think we’ll get a law like that in the U.S.? Think again. Congress has hundreds of bills stacked up because they would rather play political “gotcha” than do anything meaningful.


2 Responses

  1. Ummm… actually, the ad was for the Red Owl Grocery in downtown Button Valley. I can only wish someone would actually pay me for advertising. I get a free coffee at the Java Hut, extra nuts at Dairy Queen and our staff gets free fortune cookies at the Chop Suey Emporium, but other than that everybody in Button Valley pretty much advertises for free in the Bugle. We consider ourselves a non-profit news outlet.

    I’m not really concerned about corporate media. Corporate interests have owned the media, like forever. I am however, a little concerned about making it easier for rich folks and corporations to control our government.

    By the way, if you know a big corporation that is interested in buying a thriving media outlet, have them give me a call at the Bugle business offices. I’m here every day from 7-5.

  2. So, you whine about “the corporate takeover” of the media, but slapped a huge Coca-Cola ad in the middle of the article to generate revenue for yourself?


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