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Bully For Bulltrout

Geez, the bad news never seems to end. It’s a good thing fish can’t read. Just this morning:

Reuters: The main impact of climate change will be on water supplies and the world needs to learn from past cooperation such as over the Indus or Mekong Rivers to help avert future conflicts, experts said on Sunday.

Desertification, flash floods, melting glaciers, heatwaves, cyclones or water-borne diseases such as cholera are among the impacts of global warming inextricably tied to water. And competition for supplies might cause conflicts.


The Montana Standard: An Atlanta-based gold mining company is eyeing what it calls “a very large open-ended gold and silver system” within two miles of Rock Creek in Granite County.

The gold field mapped out by Dutch Gold is in the Upper Rock Creek drainage on both patented and U.S. Forest Service land. The company said new findings reveal an estimated volume of 7.6 million ounces of gold in the “discovery block,” more than a third of it high-grade ore.

If you want to feel that you can actually have a positive impact on Montana waters and fisheries, there will be an open house on Feb. 16 in Missoula at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, 3201 Spurgin Rd. from 3-8pm to discuss the proposed Critical Habitat Designation for bull trout.

This Sierra Club Link will get you to a web page that will send a message to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in support of the bull trout Critical Habitat ProposalThe Bugle covered the proposed Critica Habitat Designation last month when the proposal was released. There is also lots of good information at the USFWS bull trout website.”Bull trout share their waters with rainbow trout, brown trout and other valuable sport fisheries and their continued decline is one indicator of the impact climate change is having our fishing heritage and the jobs it supports. By supporting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal we can encourage management practices that lead to lower water temperatures and an improved chance that the fishing opportunities so many families enjoy and depend on for their livelihood will remain for the next generation.” This resource belongs to all of us. Don’t just sit there!


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