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Montana Lunatic Alliance

Longtime Bozeman socialist stalker, Roger Koopman has initiated the definitive purity crusade against “big-government Republicans”.  Under the banner of the Montana Conservative Alliance, he issued a 51-question “Principles Questionnaire” for primary contenders. While in the legislature in 2008, he began a similar crusade to oust “socialist Republicans“, chasing such “moderates” as “Rep. Llew Jones, R-Conrad; Rep. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip; Rep. Jesse O’Hara, R-Great Falls; and Sen. Dave Lewis, R-Helena.” and had some limited success.

The questions are to be answered on a scale of 1-5 based on your level of agreement or disagreement. “Skipped questions will be marked as ‘wrong’ answers.” A couple of my favorites:

13.___ Sometimes, government must protect us from our own bad choices, such as requiring the use of seat belts and safety helmets. (careful! trick question)

15.___ Public school students and teachers should have the right to question the theory of evolution, and study other scientific alternatives. (I think he could have safely dropped the word scientific from that one.)

Okay, the man’s nutty as a fruitcake and it’s only right to make fun of the questionaire, but think about what’s going on here. Every news outlet in the state is covering this story. Montana blogs are all atwitter. His views are getting discussed and the Conservative Alliance is building a support network for extreme right-wingnuts months ahead of the primary. What are Democrats doing? You are lucky if you even see an announcement of which Dems are running in the primary. If they do decide to run, they are pretty much on their own until they win a primary. Their views (Democratic values) will likely get no airing outside a very local venue. The Tea Party extremes like to organize and organize early. Democrats don’t believe in organization. We need to think it over and reflect while the demented fringe are airing their principles and signing up voters. And when we lose we will wonder how the heck that happened? Who is running in your local primary? What are his/her issues? Find out.


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