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Personal Corporatehood

Since the Citizens United v. FEC decision by the Supreme Court I have been railing against corporate personhood. Now, Randall Amster has led me to see the error of my ways with the doctrine of “Personal Corporatehood“. Since the Court is rapidly enhancing the rights of “artificial persons”, it is now time for us all to take advantage of those expanded rights by taking steps to incorporate ourselves.

Consider the advantages; As a corporation, you are not personally liable for debts and liabilities. You are eligible for thousands of tax breaks unavailable to flesh and blood people. You can lease all your assets to the corporation, lessening your personal tax burden. Corporations can’t be thrown in jail. If the corporation is forced into bankruptcy, the courts can’t go after the officers of the corporation for the debt. You don’t even have to incorporate in your home state, or country if you find you can get better tax treatment elsewhere. Delaware is a popular choice for incorporation. Over half of the companies on the New York Stock Exchange are incorporated in Delaware because of it’s pro-business regulation. If you choose to incorporate in Montana, you only need to have one director and you don’t even need to name the director in the articles of incorporation. In Montana, no statement as to the purpose of the corporation is required in the articles.

Most families today should have no trouble qualifying as non-profit. You may want to consider incorporating as a non-profit, charitable, religious or literary organization. You will be eligible for many extra tax breaks. You may even become tax-exempt. You will be eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. You can apply for private and public grants. All good stuff that that you can get as an “artifical person” that is not available to “natural persons”.

Just go to one of the many online legal websites and you can file articles of incorporation for less than $100. What a deal! You may even be able to deduct your personal “operating expenses” such as food, gas, medicine and grooming supplies. As a corporate person it is important that you maintain a good public image. And just think, with a corporate logo on all your correspondence, you are assured a quick response to any contact with your elected officials!

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. Theodore Roosevelt

Don’t delay! Act now to take advantage of the corporate takeover of our political system! You too can enjoy the perks and exert corporate influence much like WalMart or Exxon when you embrace the “invisible government”. You will receive the same constitutional rights as actual people and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


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