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Don’t call us, we’ll call you

CEOs don’t think much of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling either. More than forty CEOs and company presidents sent a letter to congressional leaders and placed an ad in Roll Call telling Congress to fix it. The big money guys will be the first ones to get the phone calls from politicians when they have to face the immense wave of new money unleashed by the Supreme Court ruling. They ain’t going to call me for my $25 donation. They’re going to be on the phone to the people who have the money and they are already tired of getting those calls.

Members of Congress already spend too much time raising money from large contributors,” the business executives’ letter says. “And often, many of us individually are on the receiving end of solicitation phone calls from members of Congress. With additional money flowing into the system due to the court’s decision, the fundraising pressure on members of Congress will only increase.

They are making a pitch for legislators to pass the Fair Elections Now Act that has been introduced in both houses. The San Francisco Chronicle ran an editorial favoring the Act and other news outlets are calling for passage of clean elections legislation.

The proposal, similar to systems used in several states, would provide public funding for candidates who demonstrate widespread support and agree to spending limits. It would be voluntary, in keeping with court rulings, but should have a cleansing effect.

It ain’t a panacea, but it’s a start. The Fair Elections Now Act would institute limited public financing of campaigns. Maybe we can start getting rid of the influence of big money by supporting this legislation. Sign the petition calling on Congress to pass the Fair Elections Now Act.


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