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Let’s focus on Montana Solutions

New Gingrich needs our help. He is enlisting Governor Schweitzer in his “American Solutions for Winning the Future” campaign. The campaign is supposedly all about “good government”, or at least less government. The campaign could more truthfully be called “Corporate Solutions for Winning More Money“. So, why do they need the Governor of Montana? “Gingrich said he likes what he sees in Gov. Schweitzer’s handling of state finances…”, although it’s more likely that he would love to have the “Coal Cowboy” on board for his dirty energy offensive. Looking at the list of top Solutions donors, you will see happy folks like Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal producer and Devon Energy, the mammoth oil and gas giant. American Solutions fronts for the energy companies by funding campaigns like “Stop The Energy Tax” and “Drill Here, Drill Now, and Pay Less“. At Peabody Coal, they like to say,

We believe in using United States domestic energy sources such as clean coal and oil, even if it means drilling off our coasts and in Alaska, as well as offering tax credits for American businesses that develop new energy sources.

And, having the Montana governor on board with their objectives could be a real coup.

American Solutions is really nothing more than a PR vehicle for Newt Gingrich to advance his broken-down neocon agenda. After abject failure in Congress and a pitiful presidential run, Gingrich is still yearning to be teabagger-in-chief. Solutions spends 75% of their $21 million budget on fundraising and administrative expenses and only 18% on their campaigns. Those expenses included spending $4 million in 2008 for private jets to zip Newtie around the globe. They also spend $2.5 million on salaries. Guess who gets the majority of that money? They spent $8.5 million on direct mail and telemarketing to further their right-wing ideology. The Bugle first covered this 527 corporate front group when it was formed back in August.

Solutions is all about pushing the same tired, old conservative agenda that drove our country into the ground. If you look at their latest Take Action page, you will see that, of the top seven action items, one deals with Haiti relief and six with stopping “Pelosicare“. Their energy solutions seem to be mostly about lower taxes for energy producers and stopping Congress from passing any kind of meaningful energy legislation. You can sign their energy tax petition that will “reject any and all legislation (or regulatory action by the EPA) that would enact new energy taxes and/or establish a national cap and trade system for carbon dioxide...”And this is bipartisan how exactly?

After a call from Gingrich, and an invitation to stop by whenever he’s in Washington, Schweitzer said he would be “happy to participate“. Yes, your governor believes that, “it seems to make sense“. I’m not sure whether Brian is so naive that he actually believes this is a bipartisan effort, or if he is just that desperate for attention. In either case, shame on Brian Schweitzer connecting Montana to this offensive promotional scam and shame for even accepting that phone call.


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