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Republicans, wrong…again

A recent poll found that 90% of Canadians support, or somewhat support the Canadian health care system. The Canadian Institute for Research on Public Policy found that while the Canadian system may not be perfect, they want to keep what they have and Canadians praise President Obama for trying to reform the U.S. system. The poll found that 61% of Canadians think that the best thing about their system is that it is free and available to everyone while only 33% criticized the wait times for treatment. That doesn’t sound at all like what we are hearing from the right in this country at every opportunity.

Another poll by the same organization found that seven in ten Canadians are not at all worried, or not very worried about the H1N1 flu virus and most feel that Ottawa is doing an adequate job of distributing the vaccine. I wonder what those numbers would look like in the U.S.?


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