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It’s Health CARE

Christina Turner was drugged and brutally raped. Fearing that she may have been exposed to HIV, her doctor recommended that she undergo treatment with anti-AIDS drugs. Fortunately, she never developed HIV. Months later, she lost her health insurance and discovered that the preventative treatment had morphed into a pre-existing condition and she could not get health coverage.

Peggy Robertson was in perfect health. When she applied for health insurance she found that she was not qualified because she had previously given birth by Caesarean section. She was told that had she been sterilized, she might possibly have qualified.

Bill Caudle lost his job and along with it his health insurance coverage. His wife Michelle was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer, a pre-existing condition, that precluded getting any insurance coverage. Bill’s solution was to join the Army at the age of 39 in order to get health insurance and to care for his family.

We’ve heard these stories daily for months now and there never seems to be a shortage. If your baby is too large, you can’t have health insurance. If your baby is too small, you can’t get coverage. How do you get access to the health care system in this nation if you are denied? Going on the NBC “Today Show” worked for the Bates family. Their beautiful baby girl will now get health care. Bernie Lange is a news anchor on a small market TV station. He was able to use his journalistic contacts to point out the utter senselesness of denying care to his baby. Baby Alex was able to beat the system. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the vast majority of those who are denied the care that they need to stay alive. If you are not allowed to participate, you will have a 40% higher chance of early death. You may be forced to join the 45,000 of your friends and neighbors who die each year not because they are denied care, but because they are denied access to care. If you are healthy, you are allowed to join the club. If you are sick, that is if you NEED health care, you are asked to go bankrupt and die quietly.

How did we come to a point where we can ignore the second word in the phrase “Health Care“? Just when did we allow the gatekeepers, who we allow to be immune to federal regulation, to decide that only those who don’t need care will be allowed to participate in our health care system? Why do we no longer care? Republicans think it is about corporate profits. Max Baucus thinks it’s about 60 votes. It’s about your friends and neighbors, who are dying because we, the American people, won’t allow them to participate.

I want everyone who thinks this system is broken to raise your right hand. Thank you. Now the rest of you can just sit down and shut up! We will fix this insane system without your help and we’ll let you know when we are finished.


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