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Denny gets railroaded

indianattackWondered what Congressman Rehberg has been up to since he hobbled back to Washington? As our representatives debate issues that will affect all Americans for many years to come like health care, clean energy and two costly wars, Denny has been plenty worried about road signs and indian attacks. Earlier this month he joined the Second Amendment Task Force because “Now, more than ever before, it will be necessary to maintain a vigilant eye against real efforts to disarm the American people,” I’m not sure why “Now, more than ever…“, well, okay, I really get it. But, just to prove he’s up to the task, Denny is pushing for more federal regulations and spending. He wants to make sure that Montanans are allowed carry their six- guns on the train.

Living in Montana, we all know how dangerous it can be riding the rails across the Great American Desert. We’ve seen the William S. Hart movies. Arrows flying willy-nilly, the wounded conductor, the screaming schoolmarm… Even though only 30 percent of the trains allow for checked baggage, most stops are too short to check bags and they don’t have any secure storage, we sure wouldn’t want to inconvenience the gun-toting public. Taxpayers can pick up the cost.

Yes, Congressman Denny has our best interests at heart. Next time you see a road construction sign saying “Paid for by your children and grandchildren“, you’ll know who to thank. I wonder if the NRA gave him a bye on the $120 annual membership fee for the SATF or if it just came out of the $2,000 NRA donation he picks up every year?


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