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Venom is not a strategy

Maybe I missed something, but I really don’t understand the hate the Republicans feel for America. They obviously hate Chicago. They could hardly contain their enthusiasm when America lost the Olympics. Their party leaders are now all from hate radio/tv. Rush Limbaugh finally admitted today that he agrees with the Taliban although that’s hardly news. He wants a return to segregated buses and believes that the American President is destroying our country.

Republicans think that Texas should secede from the Union. They hope that more Americans will die because they cannot be insured. They cheered for General Motors to fail. They are disgusted by the elderly and want to destroy Social Security and Medicare. They obviously hate minorities as illustrated by their stance on Sonia Sotomayor and Van Jones. They loathe the American education system. They would remove science from the classroom and abolish the Department of Education.

Republicans celebrate every time America fails and cheer and applaud for more failures in the future. Republicans have moved well beyond political opposition into a state of actual abhorrence for our country. I can only imagine the abject joy that will be felt and demonstrated by Republicans should another real tragedy strike America. They not only agree with the Taliban, they have become the Taliban.

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