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Big Coal wants feebleminded to join the CO2 debate

Big oil and coal would like to know if you are really as stupid and gullible as they think you are. A group funded by oil revenues and associated with coal interests is running teevee commercials to explain that CO2 is really good for you. The more the better. They also have two websites aimed at convincing people that we need more, not less, CO2 pollution. One sites states, without even a smile, that, “Claims that CO2 is a pollutant are a myth and are absolutely false. In fact, lowering levels of carbon dioxide would actually inhibit plant growth and food production.Another website, run by the same group, has lots of good things to say about CO2. They explain that only “extremists” see CO2 as a pollutant. “Far from being a pollutant, rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations will never directly harm human health, but will indirectly benefit humans in a number of ways“. Perhaps they can explain that to the 1,700 people, thousands of cattle, birds and other animals that were killed by a catastrophic release of CO2 in Cameroon in 1984.

Of course, even the lobbyists don’t believe this crap. The objective is to derail the current cap and trade legislation moving through Congress. They are even calling their group a charity organization (501c) to avoid taxes. The problem is that some mentally deficient people believe their propaganda and keep injecting it into serious debate. Sure, CO2 is good, to a point. So is water, but drink too much water and it will kill you. It’s called hyponatremia and is a very nasty way to die involving brain swelling, vomiting and seizures. Most anything is bad in excess. Nobody is arguing that plants don’t need CO2. We are seeing a catastrophic buildup of CO2 in the upper atmosphere and the oceans and every responsible science organization on the planet agrees that it is likely that human activity is a prime contributor. If you want to fight cap and trade, there are much better arguments to be made than global warming denial.


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  1. I saw the coal porn propaganda commercial a few days ago and I could not believe it.

    The lengths these old industry people will go to keep themselves afloat is astounding. If I were them, I’d be bailing, selling off to the highest bidder, and taking all my ill-gotten gains and investing in wind and solar.

    • Not to worry, they have friends in high places. Max has already taken well over a half million $$ from electric utilities and the oil and gas companies for the 2010 election cycle. As soon as he is finished screwing your health care, he can’t wait to get his hands on the cap and trade bill. Watch those contributions spike when the energy bill hits the Finance Committee.

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