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Baucus Boondoggle Escapes Committee

Sadly, following President Obama’s half-hearted support of a public option and now the release of the Baucus Boondoggle, I’m beginning to think that the Onion got it right.

Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

The Onion provides an apt and insightful quote from Senator Harry Reid,

People should know that every day we are working without their best interests in mind,” Reid said. “But the goal here is not to push through some watered-down bill that only denies health care to a few Americans here and a few Americans there. The goal is to recognize that all Americans have a God-given right to proper medical attention and then make sure there’s no chance in hell that ever happens.

The Baucus bill comes with,

  • No public option
  • No employer mandate
  • Neutered State Co-ops
  • Higher costs for older people
  • Lots of words about illegal aliens and abortion
  • $3,800 penalty for choosing not to play
  • Zero Republican support

About the only thing good about the Baucus bill is that there is finally a bill. Now we can go to mark-up, amendment and a conference committee to replace all the stuff Baucus frittered away

Health premium costs jumped 5% this year while the economy tanked and 10% of us were unemployed. Let’s get to work and fix this piece of c**p.


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