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GOP Crazy Train Rolls On

Oh Boy, now I’m worried, and you should be too. I’m starting a campaign to press Governor Schweitzer to IMMEDIATELY release the locations of our share of the 500,000 caskets and the 30,000 guillotines that will be used on Obama administration opponents. I have it on good authority from internet sources that some of these devices are stored on rail cars in Montana. I know this sounds crazy, but OMG, there are actual eyewitness accounts!Some prisoner boxcars have been observed in Montana, at one point near Columbia Falls in the Glacier area“. “I also met with Lee Harrington of Vallier, MT, former military liaison officer and later a metal worker who admitted that there had been a ‘boxcar with shackles’ operation in Glasgow, MT that employed summer youth workers one year to help weld shackles into boxcars“. That’s scary enough, but the damn guillotines are imported from China! We can’t even make our own killing machines any more.

This may sound like insane babel akin that of the lunatic right-wing “birthers“, or propaganda like “death panels” and “grandma killers“, but it obviously is not. This was reported by an actual “retired FBI agent“. I mean, if anybody would know that the CIA and the administration are planning to send Limbaugh fans off to secret FEMA concentration camps with “crematoriums“, wouldn’t the FBI know that stuff? The bastard liberals are going to spirit our children away to “re-education camps” run by a socialist, satanist, shadowy agency called AmeriCorps. They will be put to work on needed public projects and then brainwashed to believe in the Obama progressive agenda.

I mean, while the idea of beheading a few of those who adhere to the crazy rants of Rush, Beck, or O’Reilly, or at least chopping off their ears, holds a certain appeal, I think that we owe it to those who will be slaughtered in the name of  the New World Order that any guillotines stored or used in Montana at least pass muster with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. Therefore, I call on the Governor and Senators Baucus and Tester to immediately and publicly disclose the locations of all guillotines, caskets and concentration camps located in the state of Montana. What do they think we are, stupid?


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