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“To da moon, Alice!”

Pennsylvania – “As of October 1, 2009 Aetna health insurance will be increasing the Aetna HMO rates in Pennsylvania“. “10.3% is the average overall increase amongst all the Aetna health insurance HMO plans“.

New Jersey – “Health insurance premiums for public employees in more than 250 school districts will rise by 25 percent next year, after a state commission voted to approve it today“.

Michigan – “Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has tentatively agreed to raise rates for nearly 200,000 of its health insurance customers by an average of 22 percent, a significantly lower rate increase than originally sought“.

Utah – “For the past three years, Kelly Moynahan of Park City has struggled to deal with average annual increases of 20 percent in her family’s health insurance premiums“.

Indiana – “Employers who offer health insurance coverage could see a 9% cost increase next year, and their workers may face an even bigger hit, according to a report Thursday from consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers“.

Even if we were to pass health care reform tomorrow, you would still see a couple of more years of these double digit insurance premium increases. If we don’t pass reform this year, you can expect to see your premiums double in the next 8-10 years. Double. That means that if you now pay, on average, $13,000 in Montana, you can expect to see your annual health insurance premium to rise to around $26,000. In Montana, you are also paying $2,100 a month in your premium to pay for health care for those without insurance. It’s called “uncompensated care” in insurance-speak. If we don’t pass health care reform this year, I don’t expect to hear ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN whine about the cost of health insurance.


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