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Sorry Sight

Is this really who the Republican party wants to be? Their talking points get crazier by the day. Their moral leaders call people fascists and Nazis for supporting a congressional bill, written in part by Republicans. They see the President as “Hitler” and don’t believe he is a legal citizen. They claim that he has a “Death Panel” to kill babies. They claim that he wants to kill old people. Republican pundits joke about assassinating politicians. The President gets 30 death threats a day. Republicans call a female, Hispanic Supreme Court nominee a “racist” and worse. They encourage dimwitted acolytes to disrupt political discussion by yelling and screaming as they provoke violent rage.

It’s sad to watch the party of Lincoln being handed over to the lunatic fringe and corporate hacks. The GOP is morphing into the COP (Crackpot Old People). Sad, but at the same time morbidly fascinating. It’s like a car wreck. You know it’s wrong to watch, but you just can’t help wondering what deranged lies they will come up with tomorrow.

These insane rants are on video all over the internet. Do Republicans actually think that they can deny that they were fomenting violence when it inevitably occurs? Do Republicans really want to be an eternally crazy, minority tea party with no philosophy, fighting an imaginary Kenyan-born, evil, black, baby-killing, Nazi, anti-Christ, and complaining that their ideas are not taken seriously?


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