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Parade Planning

My day is made! If you haven’t made plans for the 4th of July yet, you might want to consider a road trip to Bozeman. The Green Coalition of Gay Loggers For Jesus has applied for and received a permit to hold a parade down Main Street an hour before the planned Tea Party parade. Unlike the teabaggers, the Coalition has offered to pay for any costs incurred by the city for their parade.

“Gay Loggers for Jesus President Brian Leland said his group offers a more fiscally conservative Independence Day parade.” Leland applied for the parade permit to underscore the irony of having the City of Bozeman close Main Street and pay overtime and cleanup costs on a major holiday to placate a group ranting about Big Government and their unfair tax burden.

Anyone is welcome to march in the GCGLFJ parade. Even Teabaggers have been invited to join in. The Bugle would like to encourage all community-minded citizens to “make a difference” and join the Coalition for their Independence Day march. It would be a major hoot to see a parade for the Green Coalition of Gay Loggers For Jesus get twice the turnout of the Tea Party. Pass it around. Tell your friends.

9 a.m.: Closure for Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus parade
9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.: Gay Loggers for Jesus Parade down Main Street. Must be finished before Tea Party march starts.

10 a.m.: Tea Party assembles at Wallace Street
10:30 a.m. to noon: Tea Party parade down Main Street, assembly near courthouse


3 Responses

  1. Leland may be an “attention-seeking jerk” but he isn’t the hypocrite that all of the Tea Party jerky boys and girls are.

    Leland paid for police costs to the city. Tea Partiers refused.


    • I don’t know Leland and I really could care less who came up with the idea. It’s the parade plan that I celebrate. If Leland is considered a “pathological liar”, “trouble maker” and a “wack-job liberal” by the teabaggers, that certainly gives him more credibility in my eyes, but he could be a certifiable lunatic for all I care. The parade is still a great notion.

      Besides, I love the name, “Green Coalition of Gay Loggers For Jesus” I hope chapters spread across the state.

  2. Leland President of Gay Loggers for Jesus….Ha Ha Ha Ha! Brian Leland invented his phony “green gay logger” group only to mock the Bozeman Tea Party Patriots shortly after a meeting with the City Commission when the Tea Party group spoke in numbers to close down Main Street for their protest rally. Brian Leland has been known around his neighborhood as a “trouble maker”. He is also a pathological liar. The fact is, the Tea Party group paid for their permit long before this wack-job liberal fabricated his group of one (himself), and preceded to lie his way throughout his vicious attacks on American Patriotic citizens. He is an attention-seeking jerk who is so out of touch with reality that he has to invent a confrontation to make himself feel important. Someone should put this freak in a straight jacket and commit him to a mental institution where he will be most happy.

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