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“You Are What You Do and Not What You Say”

It’s amazing where your mind will wander off to when you aren’t getting enough sleep. Last night I got to wondering how the state legislators justify their actions to their children and grandchildren when they get home from Helena. I imagined a conversation that would go something like this:

“Gee Grandpa, how come you guys keep trying to make it easier for companies to permit dirty, polluting projects in Montana? Why can’t we focus on clean energy like everybody else?”

“Zippy, how many times do I got to tell ya that listening to Public Radio will rot your mind?”

“But Grandpa, you know that these guys will pollute our air and our water and contribute to climate change and make us all sick if we don’t watch them.”

“Well, ya see Zippy, that’s where you’re wrong. We have this nice man from Peabody Coal that comes in twice a week and explains to us how redowl_adglobal warming is just a giant hoax drummed up by almost every scientist on the planet and most of the governments of every country in the world. We got lotsa water and we don’t need to drink it all. Besides, just think how nice it will be to be able to grow your own bananas right here in Havre.”

“Gramps, Governor Brian says that we don’t have enough money now to pay to clean up all the pollution sources in the state and I keep seeing more super fund sites being added. You know that my generation will have to pay for the cleanup costs as well as take the brunt of all the health issues caused by all the pollution don’t you?”

“Ha! Got ya there son. You see what the environmental extremists don’t tell you is that if we don’t let the polluters do just what they want to do, when you grow up and get a job, you won’t get your Christmas bonus because your boss will have to spend all his profits setting up an offshore corporation because his taxes might go up. When we get through with all our legislation, you can be assured of a nice, high-paying job at the next W.R. Grace mine, just as soon as they come out of bankruptcy. And someday, you might even be able to retire.”

“Grandpa, you want to play Nintendo? My head hurts.”

“No thanks Kiddo, I got to run down and put this check from Northwestern Energy in the bank. You go on ahead.”


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